Schleißen 3

by Don't DJ / Tropical Hi-Fi



After the earscape laid by Schleißen 1 & 2, things take a twist for part 3 with a darker, deeper and downright trippier set of recordings. Just 1 track per side this is not for the faint-hearted but for real sonic explorers looking to tune in and drop out of musicial spheres.

With an endless supply of production talent coming out of Dusseldorf, it seemed only right to shine a light on one of the more experimental and dare say, academic producers, in Florian Meyer aka Don’t DJ. As co-founder of the Diskant label - home to Harmonious Thelonious - and one third of The Durian Brothers, Don’t DJ is about pushing rhythmic boundaries.

With just 2 EPs to date, a recent move to Berlin sees Florian broadened the emphasis to that of collaboration. Travelling back south to a studio deep in the Black Forest he pushes the link between polyrhythmic percussion and brooding electronics. Here, then is where you’ll nd Kosmose, a full 20 minutes of inspection and instropection. Be ready to let go.

As almost light relief then, come the musical mind of Tropical Hi-Fi. A secretive gure living beyond the reaches in Northern Australia, his eld recording inspired music is a revolation. Laying aside working with his sometime neighbours and friends Ariel Kalma and Mike Cooper, on his upcoming debut album, he provides a special “live” mix meets studio exploration.

Folk, psychedelic, (fourth) world music, found sounds of his native habitat are all thrown in a beautiful mind-altering, growing, pulsating ultraworld. Justi ed and (un)listen.


released August 22, 2015


all rights reserved



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