Emotional Response and Golf Channel come together to release a special collaboration between Montezumas Rache’s Christian Pannenburg (Record Loft) and Jan Schulte (Wolf Müller/ Bufiman) and legendary krautrock guitarist Dominik Von Senger (The Phantom Band / Dunkelziffer).

A meeting out of the love of vinyl, where Panneburg hails Von Senger to source Phantom Band rarities and an idea of working together was born. Following the success of the percussive heavy debut Wu Du Wu on Second Circle, the return to the studio for Christian and Jan Schulte and this resultant “EP” is a true coming together of cross-generational minds.

Unfolding across 3 songs of subtly and beauty; mood, structure and atmospherics form in a post-Balearic meets psychedelic haze. Lilting piano start before dub bass and Dominik’s refrain melts it’s way in Rheinfahren. Voids open, minds expand, fields walked, oceans crossed, seas parted, wind pushes against the face, rolling hills, cloudy skies, sun, sand, love, lost, found, deeper and deeper it goes in to your soul.

The flow continues at a slower pace with Tangerine (Kräuter Mix) taking things down but carrying the interplay between the artists continues as if made for each other. Guitar hooks in multiple layers, finger clicks, pots'n'pans vibes gently taking you from Formentera to Tisno, Malibu, Tulum or wherever your heart lies restful.

Finally, Guten Morgen Bromio is the (bro)mance to end any affair. Hip Hop roots, Jan’s mouth-harp under-laying, Dominik’s licks and Christian’s dub fx laden “Spector” commandments shuffle together until group vocals bring them finally to completion.

A wonderful EP bringing together 3 artists and 2 labels for the love of music.


released February 23, 2016


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